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Staggering love and positive feedback from Caffè di Artisan fans across the world!

Ever since Caffè di Artisan was launched, we have been humbled by the enormous waves of positive feedback received from coffee drinkers, connoisseurs, aficionados, and from normal folks who love and know their coffee. What has been particularly heartening is the fact that coffee drinkers from pretty much across all continents have expressed their love for our coffee. That's what makes our day. Day after Day.

Customer Raves

Liquid coffee pods

"HI, just want to start by saying WOW WOW WOW by husband - who is a coffee fanatic absolutely loves your coffee."

"We visited your stall at Syon House during the summer and were blown away by the taste of your coffees. We purchased a pack of 10 different pods which all tasted delicious."

"It is Amazing! Smooth even though its strong and its delicious. It is not bitter and very refreshing"

" I think this coffee is great. It is really convenient and You can make it in 60 seconds. I think Malabar is the Best Coffee"

"This is my favourite coffee I've had today. It is made really quick and it has a great flavor"

" I think this is one of the Best cups of coffee I've had. Espresso that's made easily and immediately"

" I am so impressed that you came up with this technology, that there is no preservatives in this. It is as good coffee as you can have"

"Very very pleasantly surprised. when I tasted it was like wow this is really great. It is fresh, it is smooth. And the crema on the espresso is just so right. It is beautiful"

"It was delicious. I actually think this is the best product here. Have got the taste and easy to make with a little frother"

"Your coffee is amazing!!! I Enjoyed n shared with my colleagues in office and everybody is impressed with taste"

"So nice!!!! Thank u so much. We love your coffee!!!!!"

"Caffè di Artisan is so convenient and easy to make a good coffee in no time. I really like it!"

"The coffee is amazing and I'm actually surprised by the taste. Very easy to make and the varieties are very good. I've actually shared 2 pods with a colleague of mine who is a regular coffee drinker and she loved it!"
NEELOFER S, Food Blogger (Read Full Report)

"Excellent & Innovative. Great taste, great flavor"

"I received the box of exquisite luxury single origin coffee freshly extracted, in single shot pods at my doorstep. It is easy peasy to make. Just open the pod, froth it and add the desired amount of hot frothy milk to it, voila! Your coffee is ready.
BRITISH BLOGGER (Read Full Report)

"Thank you. Exquisite coffee! It is now my perfect gift for friends anywhere in the world"

"Been having my morning Caffè di Artisan. Liking it!"

"Hi there, I am enjoying your coffee. So delicious, easy to prepare and taste. Thank you"

"The coffee is quick, easy to prepare and utterly delicious"

"Recently tried your coffee for the 1st time at our office after the boss got a sample at The F&B Leaders Awards do. Top stuff!"
Digital SPS

"Your coffee pods are very convenient and easy to prepare, just a little froth and the taste is very good for our customers"
JANET, Cafe Owner

"It has been the best coffee I ever had in my life"

"The coffee is amazing. We tried the cold coffee and it is really good"
Sally F.

"I just love your coffee. It tastes great!"

"Now that's what I call coffee! Great taste and no complaints. The preparation time of one minute is a breeze. Thank you for thinking about coffee lovers like us who wish to have delicious coffee in the confines of our homes."

"I am really very happy to have purchased your coffee. I have a great stock of all your flavors which I enjoy every day."

"It's really a superb coffee. It's not the traditional way of extracting an espresso or ristretto, but it's a slow extraction. It has balance, definitely strong aroma and good taste, as well as a very good after effect"

"Caffè di Artisan is pretty much like Dutch coffee – strong, the way we like it, but not bitter or burnt. It's very smooth and nice coffee –